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Jose Sangria Gose

    Style: Fruited gose
    Brewery: Browar Nepomucen
    Origin: Poland
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 3.4%
    Price: -kr

    When I was planning the summer beer and gin tasting, I knew I wanted to start off with something quite fruity and light. When I got the chance to buy these from a local importer, I felt it would be the perfect fit! Browar Nepomucen is based in Jutrosin, Poland, and was founded by Piotr and Mariusz Musielak. The beer style gose originated in Goslar, Germany and is usually brewed with at least 50% malted wheat. Dominant flavours in gose include lemon, herbs and a strong saltiness resulting from either local water sources or added salt. This beer has been brewed with red oranges, peach, apples and Himalayan salt. I am glad to say that I thought it was the perfect start to the night and really set the tone for the event.

    This poured with a cloudy lemon yellow hue with a big frothy head that dissipated rather quickly. The salty aroma was detected straight away along with the stone fruit, orange peel and straw notes. After a quick sip, the beer was judged to have a medium to thick body and quite low carbonation. The taste though so was fresh, with massive juicy fruit notes that was extremely nice! The peach came through strongly along with green apple, tangerine and orange pulp. It was rather dry in the aftertaste, with a salty hint noticeable on the tongue. I must commend this beer as it had a surprisingly big taste for a 3.4% beer. The sourness was rather subdued though, probably due to the extra fruit that has been added to the beer.

    I thought this was absolutely lovely and one of the best lower strength beers I’ve had in a long time! It was like drinking a fruit basket, with the delightful citrus notes working beautifully with the salt under notes. This was an excellent beginning to the tasting, and I’m so glad I bought this. I look forward to drinking this again soon!