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Dead Ed Berliner Weisse

    First Chop was founded by chef turned brewer Rik in 2012 and after much experimenting they produced their first beer “Hop” in the same year. After selling their first two kegs to a local brew pub, orders snowballed and the brewery has continued to flourish. They were originally based in Salford, but after a major fire they relocated to Eccles. All of their beers are vegan and gluten-free, with the gluten protein being removed after brewing. I had never tried a beer from these guys before, and I love introducing breweries to the guests of the tastings. With a can covered in skulls, this seemed like the perfect fit for the metal tasting.

    This had a lovely, clear ruby coloured body with a massive pink head that held rather well for a sour beer. Cherry candy, strawberry and raspberry were all present in the aroma, but alongside a slight vegetable hint coupled with the acidity. The cans weren’t the freshest produced, so that could have been a cause as to why the aroma didn’t pop as much as I think it was supposed to. Upon sipping, there was an artificial cherry note that hit the tongue first, which was quickly followed by a sour raspberry note. The body felt quite thin even for the style, with a hint of lingonberry lingering on the palate after swallowing. It felt surprisingly boozy for just 6.3% as well, which left the throat feeling a little rough.

    It must be said, the colour of this beer was absolutely beautiful, but that was about the best thing about it. I found it to be rather artificial, with a slightly unbalanced sourness. I would like to try this again with a fresher can if possible, as it could be that it didn’t hold very well. But until then, I have to give this one a pass.