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Oppigårds Thurbo Triple IPA

    Style: TIPA
    Brewery: Oppigårds Bryggeri
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 75cl
    Alcohol: 11%
    Price: 75kr
    Systembolaget: 53099

    The Oppigårds farm has been in the families’ possession since the 1700s, but it was only in 1997 that the breweries founder, Björn Falkström, began dreaming of building a brewery on the grounds. That dream finally came to fruition in 2003, with Oppigårds Bryggeri growing in the subsequent years to become the biggest craft brewery in terms of sales in Sweden in 2017. Triple IPA is a very recently addition to the IPA scene, signified by high alcohol, thick body and big hop characteristics. This was first released in August 2021. I knew I wanted a TIPA in the tasting to really get the taste buds going, and I thought this would be the perfect fit for that.

    This was a clear amber colour with a slightly off-white head that held well. An intense but delicious aroma leapt from the glass, with floral notes coupling nicely with notes of raisins, dates and hops alongside a warming boozy hit. The taste was full, warming and complex. Raisins, honey, citrus, mango and grapefruit were all noted, wrapped in a big, thick body. This had a medium bitterness that was accompanied by a light sweetness. The aftertaste was long and warming, with the fruit notes lingering on the palate with a little pine to finish.

    This was a big beer and make no mistake. I could never drink a whole 75cl bottle on my own though, so I would highly suggest this as a beer to share with friends. There is always a risk that when beers are brewed this strong that they become boozy, but this has avoided it nicely. Fruity, warming and fulfilling, this is a great TIPA and congrats to Oppigårds for producing it.