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Dugges Saffron Stout

    Style: Imperial stout
    Brewery: Dugges
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 12%
    Price: 50kr
    Systembolaget: 36886

    In 2005, Dugges opened just outside of Gothenburg and has grown to become one of the Sweden’s top craft brewers. This beer originated in the USA, where Dugges brewed two stouts called Fudge and Coffee. After continuing with 2 more stouts (Choco Chip and Cake), they decided to try to emulate a lusse bulle in beer form. I think Dugges may be the brewery that I have had most beers from in my tastings, but they do excellent stouts, so it’s hard not to include them. Saffron is synonymous with Christmas, so it only seemed right to have this big imperial stout in the tasting.

    This was exactly to style, with a deep chocolate brown hue and zero head, but looked extremely thick and creamy. The aroma was sweet and pleasant, with massive saffron and uncooked dough notes coupled with light chocolate and cream hits backing it up. The saffron enveloped the senses, as there was so much of it. It literally tasted like a liquid lussekatt (saffron cake), with the big sweet body evident instantaneously with every sip. The alcohol wasn’t noticeable, which was surprising as it was 12% and could have easily been boozy very easily. The aftertaste was smooth, sticky and warming, leaving a spicy chocolate note on the palate.

    This was a big stout in both flavour and alcohol content, and I think I would find it hard to finish a bottle of this on my own. It did exactly what you would expect from the name though, and was a delightfully made saffron imperial stout that was akin to a dessert in liquid form. The definition of a beer you want to split among friends on a cosy Christmas night after dinner.