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Bryggverket Lengräddad Orange

    Style: NEIPA with orange
    Brewery: Bryggverket
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl (original)
    Alcohol: 6.5%
    Price: 35kr (original)
    Systembolaget: 33349

    Since first being brewed in April 2018, Lengräddad has cemented its reputation as one of the best beers produced in Umeå, if not Norrland. It began as a collaboration with Tempel Bryggeri from Uppsala and has continued to rise to become Bryggverkets best-selling beer, with around 1500 litres brewed every month. As it is so well known though, I wanted to offer a slightly different version of the classic at the tasting, and so they were very kind enough to create an extra citrus orange variant Lengräddad.

    The characteristics of this new version didn’t change that much from the original, with the hazy straw yellow and high carbonation still there. The aromas of pineapple, mango and passion fruit remained but were heightened by an orange zest kick that really pulled through strongly. All these lovely aromas continued into the taste, with the thick body coating the palate and enveloping the taste buds with the juicy bitterness we have grown accustomed to. The zingy orange zest was evident and the remained well into the aftertaste.

    This beer is such a classic, and it is always a pleasure to drink it. I was really happy to have a slight remix to the formula that worked with the big tropical fruit flavours we have grown to love. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you should really get around to it soon, as you are really missing out!