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Lindemans Apple

    Brewery: Brasserie Lindeman
    Country: Belgium
    Size: 25cl
    ABV: 4%
    Price: 20kr
    Systembolaget: 83001

    I’m a bit of sucker for fruit beers and cider it must be said. Wells Banana bread beer is one of my guilty pleasures, along with a host of different fruit and vegetable infused beers. Although Belgian brewers are more well-known for their cherry infused beers, they do like to branch out sometimes into other fruit beers too. Lindemans is a brewery that has produced lambic beers for nearly 200 years and started imparting fruit into them in 1961. This apple lambic was first put into production in 2005 and has been a success through and through ever since.

    The beer was a light yellow in colour and had lots of tiny bubbles. As soon at it sloshed into the glass, I could see it was thick in a sugary syrup style. No head formed but I wasn’t expecting one either. There was a strong sugary aroma along with red apples. It smelt like some sort of apple candy and I knew instantly this is a beer for someone with a sweet tooth. That truth was even more evident upon the tasting. This beer is sweet. Very sweet. It coated the whole mouth and lips like apple syrup. There was no hint of alcohol in this beer, and it was as easy to drink as a soda. The aftertaste was red apple and not much else.

    Every element that is remotely beer related in this lambic is hidden behind such a thick layer of sugar that it’s hard to even call it a beer. I enjoyed it but this is basically a dessert in a bottle. I paired this with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon and it was an amazing. I would suggest everyone tries that pairing to end their next meal. On it owns though, I think this would split people very easily. Either you will love this or hate it. I think it just depends on how much you enjoy your puddings.