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Bitcrusher Hazy IPA

    Style: Hazy IPA
    Brewery: Beer Studio
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 6.5%
    Price: 33kr
    Systembolaget: 37587

    This beer was first released in May 2022 and is more of a classic take on the NEIPA style yet with different hops than you would find in more generic versions. The NEIPA style was created in 2004 in Vermont, USA and is currently one of the most in demand IPA styles as it has become synonymous with big, juicy tropical flavours. Brewed using an unusual mix of El Dorado, Sabro, Hallertauer Blanc and Azacca hops, I was hoping this would be quite a juice bomb. I am happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.

    It had a lovely, juicy colour that shone under the light and looked incredibly enticing. It was almost akin to pineapple juice in colour and consistency. The head disappeared quickly, but what remained was fluffy and white around the edges of the glass. Massive pineapple notes were evident in the aroma, along with sweet mango and white grapes. The taste was strong and filled the senses. Sour pineapple notes coupled with the over ripe mango were noted, finishing with fresh grass and a hint of pine. As the taste subsided, it became sweeter on the palate and a nectarine and peach character came through on the tongue. The aftertaste was rather short but left the mouth refreshed.

    This was delicious and maybe my favourite of all the Beer Studio beers currently. A great NEIPA to try if you are a fan of big, juicy beers that are still extremely easy to drink. This comes highly recommended.