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Apple Crumble DIPA

    Style: Hazy DIPA
    Brewery: Södra Maltfabriken
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 7.9%
    Price: 49kr
    Systembolaget: 38798

    This Jordbro, Stockholm based brewery opened in 2011 and has become a big part of the beer scene in the capital. Founders Niklas Hjelm and Magnus Mårdberg describe Södra Maltfabrikens products as being “quality beer without frills”. This beer was first released in February 2023 and contains lactose, wheat and oats to give an extra creamy and thick body. I picked this beer as I guessed the apple, floral and honey notes associated with the beer would match the accompanying wine, which was a South African 2017 Chenin Blanc named Avondale Anima. I am happy to report that it was a very good match!

    This was light yellow in colour with a slight haze and finished with a small bubble bath head that clung to the outside of the glass well. The aroma was a delicious blend of peach, green apple, mango, vanilla, and a light spiced note. The big vanilla notes hit the tongue straight away upon sipping, along with a creamy body that slid over the palate to give the impression of vanilla ice cream. The sweet biscuit base was also present, with the tart apple in the background surrounded by a thick layer of stone fruit. There was a sweet toffee apple note as well, but that added to the intricate flavour. There was a rather boozy aftertaste which was slightly unexpected as it is not that strong at only 7.9%. It was rather drying but left the mouth with spiced note that lingered a long time.

    I thought this was really nice as long as you like your DIPA on the sweeter end of the scale. The toffee apple notes might put some people off, but the beer is called “Apple Crumble” so it what you would expect for the name. I think it might be hard to drink a whole can on your own, but it’s a very nice beer to share with someone else. Overall though, a very nice beer.