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Omnipollo x Trillium Big Puppy DIPA

    Style: DIPA
    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 8.6%
    Price: 55kr
    Systembolaget: 90341

    This DIPA is a collaboration with the brewery Trillium, which is based in Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA and is produced using barley malt, oats, wheat and Riwaka hops. Considered to be one of the darling hops of the New Zealand craft beer scene, Riwaka was released in 1997 and has an oil content is nearly twice that of its parent variety Saaz, giving it a strong sweet citrus note that is perfect for hoppy beers. With the striking visuals of the can, I grabbed these from the shelf of my local Systembolaget as soon as they released. Was it any good, though? It was indeed!

    Thick and viscous, this beer was dark hay coloured with a thin head that clung to the glass well. There was a massive hop aroma, almost like putting your nose in a bag of fresh hop pellets. A small citrus note was evident, but this was all about the grassy hops. The taste was so surprising, as a massive pineapple juice taste flooded the senses. It was so thick that it also had the same consistency as pineapple juice! There were also notes of marmalade, mango and unripe melon. The aftertaste lingered for a long time, spreading that fruity, juicy body around the tongue and didn’t want to leave. The alcohol was so well hidden it could almost be dangerous! Not even the heat from the alcohol was noticed as the body was so thick, and it coated the whole throat when swallowed.

    This was an exceptional DIPA and I have to give them the highest credit for producing it. 55kr for a 44cl can is actually an excellent deal, and I think I’ll be picking up a few of these for myself!