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Bryggverket Kaakao Kaakao Beershake

    Style: Imperial stout with ice cream
    Brewery: Bryggverket
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl (original)
    Alcohol: 9.1%
    Price: 50kr (original)
    Systembolaget: 32855

    Kaakao Kaakao is a great imperial stout that is brewed with chocolate from Gustaf Mabrouk, who is the head of the Swedish national pastry team. We have had 2 variations of Kaakao Kaakao before in earlier tastings, but I wanted to have something completely different from anything I have had before. When beershakes are made correctly they can be delicious, combining the big flavours of beer with the creamy texture of ice cream in one great drink. As I had never tried to make one before I thought I would give it a go, and thankfully it worked well!

    I mixed one can of Kaakao Kaakao with around 800g of vanilla ice cream and then I blended them together. The resulting concoction was a great consistency, and the rich chocolate flavours of the beer still fully on display. Although it would be hard to drink a lot of this in one sitting, this would work really well as a dessert to share with a few others. So if you want to try something a bit different (maybe in the warmer summer months) then feel free to give this a go!