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Freaky Friday DDH DIPA Chroma

    Style: DIPA
    Brewery: Sweden
    Origin: Omnipollo
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 8.2%
    Price: 54kr
    Systembolaget: 10351

    This was the secret beer I produced at the end of the tasting, which of course went down very well with the guests! This DIPA was produced as a collaboration with Other Half Brewing, located in New York, USA. Other Half specialises in big, hoppy IPA and DIPA, so I guess it was the perfect brewery to collaborate with. This was brewed with Motueka hops, which is a strain that is formerly known as Belgian Saaz and is a premier New Zealand hop. This ended up being the third hazy IPA we tried in the tasting, but I would probably say this was my favourite of the three!

    When this was poured into a glass, it was obvious from the onset that this was a big, heavy beer. It was reminiscent of pineapple juice in both colour and consistency, but no fruit residue was evident of course. A thin white head collected on the top of the brew, and stayed for a fair amount of time. The aroma was a massive hit of fresh hop pellets, cellar, apple and stone fruit. Upon sipping, the body was found to be silky smooth and warming in the chest. Apricot, apple peel and papaya were all noted in the creamy texture. The big hoppy notes continued from the taste into the aftertaste and lingered with a sweetness for a fair amount of time. I would expect a beer with this amount of hops in it to become bitter on the palate after a while, but it stayed fresh and balanced a long after swallowing.

    This is a delicious DIPA that balances both the sweet fruit notes easily with the bitter hops. It is quite full in taste, and it would be hard to drink more than one of these in a session. Saying that though, I really enjoyed this and I’m happy I had this as my secret beer in the tasting. A great ending to a fun tasting!