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Anarkist Bloody Weizen

    When you’re starting off a metal and rock themed tasting, you have to go for something a bit hardcore, so what better than anarchy and blood?! In this instance, the blood does indeed refer to blood orange though. Anarkist Brewing work out of the historic Albini Brewing building in Odense where they are part of the brewing group Royal Unibrew. With 25% of the beer market share in Denmark, Royal Unibrew also have the brands Faxes, Ceres and Royal among many others in their portfolio. This has been produced using wheat, Danish Pilsner and Carahell malts along with Pearl, Amarillo, Citra and Motueka hops. Did the blood orange notes burst through and make themselves noticed? They did indeed!

    This had a hazy tangerine orange colour with a thick white head that held well. It had the classic wheat beer aroma with added citrus, with orange peel, cloves and a blood orange juice note in the background. It smelt refreshing, and I was happy the orange came through as prominently as it did. The blood orange juicy notes continued through into the taste, which was helped by the high carbonation and good body. Dried pineapple was also detected in the taste, which then transitioned into a long, fruity and herbal aftertaste. The wheat notes were still there but pushed back slightly by the citrus notes, however this was not to the detriment of the beer.

    I found this to be very pleasant indeed. Drying, very easy to drink, juicy and delicious. It might not have the most robust of tastes, but it did exactly what it said it would on the label. Very nice indeed!