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Poppels Sour Fruit Ale

    Brewery: Poppels Brewery
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 4.5%
    Price: 27kr
    Systembolaget: 31088

    Since 2012, Poppels have steadily been making a name for themselves in the Swedish craft beer scene. As of today they are the 9th biggest craft brewery in the country. They also lay claim to the being the biggest ecological brewery in Sweden, with even their labels being made of environmentally friendly paper. I have tried a number of Poppels beers during the last 8 years and they have a  reputation for high quality products. When this was released just a few months before the tasting, I was eager to include it. Thankfully, I was not disappointed!

    Upon decanting the beer from the can, I was met with a beautiful sight. The colour of this beer was exquisite, with a deep pink to red liquid filling the glass whilst forming a light pink and fluffy head. The beer was evidently quite thick, as swirling the glass left a thin film around the glass. The aroma was really fresh, with a sweet red fruit scent escaping. Strawberry jam and sour raspberry notes were clearly defined, watering the mouth in the process. The first sip confirmed that the body was indeed thick and creamy, glazing the palate after each mouthful. The taste was more of the fruit that was experienced earlier: Strawberry, biscuit, raspberry, lemon sherbert and a hint of cherry could be found. The aftertaste was quite short yet was rather refreshing.

    I loved this beer quite simply. I thought it had a great balance of sweet fruit and sour tart notes that really made the flavours come together well. There is a mango version of this sour but I personally preferred this beer. Although it may be too sweet and fruity for some sour beer aficionados, I can see the majority of people enjoying this. Well priced and easily available, you could do a lot worse than to track down a can or two of this.