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Peachy Bulldog

    Style: APA
    Brewery: Gotlands Bryggeri
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 5%
    Price: 20kr
    Systembolaget: 31901

    Gotlands Bryggeri was founded in 1995 and is known as one of the first craft beer breweries in Sweden. The brewery is owned by Spendrups, with the VD of the brewery being Johan Spendrup. Best known for their “Bulldog” series of beers, Gotlands Bryggeri is well known across Sweden. In this unfiltered Pale Ale, the peach notes have been brought out through the combination of cryo-concentrated hops, caramel malt and a yeast strain that produces fruity aromas.

    This was hazy amber with a thick white head that held for a long time. The aroma was playful, with peach and apricot in abundance, along with some light citrus. The taste was fresh, with the peach notes emphasized along with the perfumery notes of the hops. The aftertaste was long-lasting, with the bitterness continuing in the back of the throat for a long time after swallowing.

    For costing just 20kr, this was not bad at all. It was light, refreshing, and the peach notes were evident in both aroma and taste. It may not be the most exciting beer in the tasting, but it was well-made nonetheless and one I can see myself coming back to over the warm summer months.