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Karmeliten Hefe – weizen

    Brewery: Karmeliten
    Country: Germany
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 5%
    Price: 20kr
    Systembolaget: 1456

    I had quite a lot of trouble finding out information on this beer. I ordered it from Systembolaget because I really wanted to have an ecological wheat beer in the beer tasting. Once I got my hands on my beer I began to research the beer but that was rather a problem. The beer isn’t listed on many websites and it’s not even mentioned on the official Karmeliten website. All very strange, but it is always nice to try something completely new with no expectations. What I found was a rather nice wheat beer, if somewhat on the sweet side.
    The brew was fizzy. Very fizzy. Hundred of tiny prosecco like bubbles permeated the beer and made from a very effervescent beer. All the gas gave a nice fluffy head that held a rather long time. When swirled in the glass it had the appearance of being medium bodied as it laced the glass well. It was light straw in colour and cloudy which was not very surprising. The aroma was very light yet had a number of different elements in it. Apple, banana, grape, apricot, hay and a little spice were all noted. The lightness continued into the tasting, with raw wheat, banana and sweet white bread all evident. The aftertaste was practically non existent except for a small sweetness that lingered on the tongue.
    It was a nice wheat beer that would be great to drink in a beer garden as the summer sun beats down. It is maybe a bit too sweet and light to be a great wheat beer as it never really gets out of second gear, but still enjoyable none the less.