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Cigar City Frost Proof Witbier

    Style: Witbier
    Brewery: Cigar City
    Origin: USA
    Size: 35.5cl
    Alcohol: 6%
    Price: 24kr
    Systembolaget: 10994

    Cigar City have been releasing quite a few beers into the Swedish market over the past few years, with pretty successful results. The range they have released has been of a high quality, and they have started to make a name for themselves as a very stable craft brewer. I wanted a wheat beer in this tasting, as I heard it pairs very nicely with goats cheese (and indeed it did). I thought this would be perfect to kick the tasting off with, so I grabbed some cans as soon as it was available.

    This was cloudy straw in colour with a thin white head that was a bit disappointing. The rather thick body was rather nice to see. The expected over ripe banana aromas were there along with honey, orange peel and herbal notes, yet I expected a slightly heavier aroma that what this produced. The thick body coated the palate, with a smoothness backing it up which was pleasant. The light, refreshing taste left a sweet note on the tongue, with the tangerine notes coming through well, along with banana, moss and honey. It was surprisingly warming considering it is only 6%, with a definite heat in the throat noted.

    I thought this was pleasant, but if I’m honest the witbiers being produced in Belgium are another level above this. I liked the flavours and aroma, but I felt it was just a bit lacking. Furthermore, I would have liked to have seen a deeper haze and a more intense flavour profile. This wasn’t bad by any stretch, with a distinct American edge to this classic Belgian style. It’s just hard to fully recommend this when you have better witbier on the shelves for a lot less money.