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Wisby Lager

    Brewery: Gotlands Bryggeri
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 4.7%
    Price: 18kr
    Systembolaget: 84923

    As I work in a restaurant that is mainly supplied by Spendrups, we have always had quite a few products from Gotlands Bryggeri available on the bar. Over the years, they have produced some great beer. Brutal Bulldog, Mors Lilla Bulldog and Valkyrians Välkomst are all excellent examples of this. My favourite of all time has to be the Great White wheat IPA, which is delicious. They have a track record of quality beer making and so I like to try to include new additions to their line up in my tastings. Wisby lager was released in March 2018 and so I decided to add it into the Swedish All Stars tasting as the first beer of the night.

    The beer definitely wasn’t the usual golden euro lager. It had a lovely looking honey hue to it, with a foamy white head that unfortunately disappeared a bit too quickly. It had a medium to light body and the carbonation seemed surprisingly low. The smell was rather interesting  and inviting, with a scent of dark bread, lime zest and crackers. The malts really pulled through strong in the taste, combing to give a delicious rye bread and biscuit combination. The hearty malts continued well into the aftertaste. The beer was rather drying on the palate but with a nice crispness.

    I enjoyed this it must be said. It was a nicely robust in both taste and smell and I have a feeling this would be an excellent accompaniment to food. If I have to find one fault is that I wished for a bit more carbonation to give it a slight lift on the tongue as I found it a tad lifeless. It is not going to replace the Great White as my favourite beer coming out of Wisby, but its a very nice entry into the selection.