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Omnipollo Noa

    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 11%
    Price: 50kr
    Systembolaget: 1427

    So then, an imperial stout isn’t the first beer that springs to mind when you think of a summer beer tasting. it would be too heavy and roasted in most scenarios to be much of a summer thirst stopper. It definitely wasn’t the first thing I thought about when I started planning the list. After a while pondering the idea, I realised that any beer can be a great summer with the right help. I have to be honest though that I’ve tried this before many times, and I love it. I knew the perfect way to get this into the tasting, and that was with ice cream.

    It isn’t the most ostentatious of bottles and doesn’t exactly shout at you from the shelf but once you tasted it you realise it doesn’t need to. The beer was silky black in colour with a deep, dark chocolate coloured head. It was very, very thick and full-bodied. It poured like melted chocolate into the glass. It was indulgence in liquid form. The carbonation was hard to say but nothing of note was found. The smell was amazing. It was like an 88 ice cream in melted form. Massive hits of vanilla, nuts, chocolate and peanut butter filled the senses. The aroma almost screams “taste me now please?!”. The taste was bitter chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla. A large cocoa bitteness comes through in the aftertaste. The alcoholic heat was there but not much for a hefty 11% volume. The beer is amazing but it only gets better when paired with dessert. I paired this beer with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and created a small piece of heaven. The chocolate and vanilla just blended together perfectly and they both worked in harmony.

    This is an amazing beer and a dessert in itself. The biggest problem with this beer is the price tag, but it’s not surprising when you taste it. If you’re feeling flush it is well worth the 50kr for a bottle. You need to try this. This has been on my top 10 beers list of all time for a long time. After you taste it, it wouldn’t be a shock to see it end up on yours too. We ended with this big kahuna, and it was easy to see why. Not many beers could top this one. Delicious.