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Prize Pils

    Style: German pils
    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Origin: Germany
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 4.8%
    Price: 28kr
    Systembolaget: 58333

    This lager is brewed at Camba brewery, in the heart of Bavaria, and calls for an all-German ingredient list with 100% German Pilsner malt and Bavarian grown hops (Tettnanger and Hallertauer Tradition). It has been fermented ultra-cold and slow with healthy yeast from the oldest commercial brewer on earth, Weihenstephan. It is then lagered as close to 0 degrees as possible. I was a bit sceptical about having two Pilsner in the same night, as light lagers seems to be one of the least popular styles when I have them in tastings. I was glad I did though, as this was a deliciously crisp lager that was even better than the Omnipollo Pils that we tried as the first beer of the night.

    This was golden in colour with high carbonation and a long-lasting fluffy white head. It had a slight haze to it as well. It was rather floral on the nose, with a delightful mix of lime peel, moss, grass and cracker. The mouthful was crisp and smooth, with a medium body that filled the mouth nicely. A grainy cracker note, along with newly baked white bread, freshly cut grass and a hint of lemon all competed on the palate and succeeded in balancing each other well. A long-lasting biscuit aftertaste slowly developed into an earthy bitterness that hung around for a long time.

    This was complex enough to keep this beer interesting, but still extremely easy to drink. A great German lager that would pair well with a lot of dishes, from BBQ to prawn salads to fish a chips. I can see this being an extremely versatile beer and if you get the chance to crack open a bottle I would suggest you take it!