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Gummy Triple Pastry Sour

    Style: Pastry sour
    Brewery: Funky Fluid / Deer Bear
    Origin: Poland
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 7.6%

    Founded in 2018 by Michał Langier and co-founder Karol Mizielski, Funky Fluid have found themselves at the forefront of Poland’s growing craft beer scene. This is a triple pastry sour with huge amounts of gummy bears, passion fruit, white guava and dragon fruit. This is a collaboration with Deer Bear, which is another famous Polish craft brewery. A “pastry” beer has no formal description but usually refers to a beer that is intentionally sweet with adjuncts such as lactose, cinnamon or coconut and is rather thick in body and mouthfeel. This was one of the first beers I bought in for the weird beer tasting. A pastry sour with gummy bears fit the description of the night perfectly, and I’m glad to say I think this was maybe the best beer of the night for me!

    This had a very cloudy dark amber colour with white sediment present in the bottom of the glass. A nice thin head held for a long time above an extremely thick looking body. When the beer was swirled it coated the glass and had almost a jelly quality to it which was quite fascinating to look at. A lovely aroma of peach sweets, melted sugar, passion fruit, fresh pineapple, gelatine and coconut combined in the glass in a glorious way. The body was indeed so thick, it almost tasted like drinking jelly when it hit the palate. There was a creamy, soft mouthfeel because of this. The peach and apricot came through strongly on the tongue, with a plum edge that was undeniable. The aftertaste was rather short but left the mouth sticky and juicy, with a hint of unripe fruit sourness in the background.

    This was amazing, to be blunt about it. I loved the aroma, taste and composition of this beer. It was unusual, and it would be hard to drink more than one, but it was just packed with character that I became a fan within a few sips. If I could get hold of some more of these then I would, but unfortunately it was a limited release so I think the chances are slim. If you do manage to find this hiding on a shelf somewhere though, do yourself a favour and try it before it’s too late.