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    Brewery: Göteborgs Nya Bryggeri
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 5.8%
    Price: 20kr

    We have all been to parties and seen things we really didn’t want to see. One of the stories that sticks in my mind wa when I was around 20 and I went to a party. I didn’t know everyone there but one guy sticks in my mind. By 10pm he was drunk, staggering round saying he had run out of alcohol. So he decided to create his own concoction by combining all the leftover drinks into one glass so he could have one final drink before passing into the world of oblivion. This is what is known as a witches brew, both in England and Sweden. This beer is called Häxbrygd, or witches brew in Swedish, but I was hoping that was where the similarities ended. This was the easter beer released by Göteborgs Nya Bryggeri, and so named due to witches been associated with Easter here. I was expecting a standard Easter beer but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

    Muddy brown with hint of ruby to it with a ream latte coloured head, this had all the appearances of a witches brew so great name for it. It even looked muddy in body. The smell was not what I had expected it all. There was a slightly smokey element to the light aroma, along with minor notes of dark bread, meat and tobacco. It was quite The surprises continued into the tasting, with big flavours coming through. Tasty dark malts, grain and burnt toast all collided in the mouth with the smoke quality rolling around the whole lot. Every sip was like the first sip, as it continued to refresh the palate and seemed to even become more delicious as it began to warm up. It was quite rough in the mouth and not as smooth as I would have liked though. The gentle smoke followed into the aftertaste, almost like a light rauchbier.

    The was a complete surprise! I did not expect this big a taste from this beer at all. I think this is a beer to share, maybe with some nice cold cut meats at a start of a meal. The name is perfect for this beer as it does feel like it has taken small elements from a number of genres and mashed them together in one glass. I must say well done for making an easter beer that stands out from the rest. This is a witches brew I could easily drink again next year.