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Barley Sheen

    Style: Barley wine
    Brewery: Nyköping Brewing x Bryggverket
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 11.2%
    Price: 65kr
    Systembolaget: 39906

    This was a collaboration between Nyköping Brewing and Bryggverket and brewed as a limited edition beer, so I was especially keen to get my hands on this beer. It was made using a blend of Pilsner, Caramel and Viking Red Active malts, which were then double mashed to produce an extra thick and sugary wort. AY3 Yeast British Ale strain was used for fermentation, which is said to be the Whitbread Brewery (a famous English brewery) strain. But was this any good? It was indeed!

    This was clear amber to ruby in colour with a slight sediment noted. An off-white head formed when decanted that clung to the outside of the glass, but was surprisingly thin. Redcurrants, brown sugar and an alcoholic hit were all noted in the aroma along with a hint of cherry. Upon tasting, it was evident it had a thick body and was sweet on the palate, coating the tongue completely with its viscous nature. Almonds, syrup, redcurrants, sultanas and a bit hit of caramel all combined to form a powerful taste underpinned with the continuing warming hit of alcohol. This alcohol became more prevalent in the chest after swallowing, warming it for some time after each sip.

    They were not messing around with this beer! Thick, heavy and potent as a barley wine should be, I thought this was excellent. A whole can would have been quite a lot to drink in one go, but as a sharing beer with a cheese board, this would be phenomenal. An excellent job and I’m glad I got to try it.