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Blueberry Backbone Stout

    Brewery: Brasstacks Brewing
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 8%
    Price: 33kr
    Systembolaget: 31021

    There’s nothing better for a beer nerd then getting a random new beer from a friend. It’s always exciting to taste something new that you have no preconceptions about. So that’s how it was when I tried this example from Brasstacks Brewing, which was gifted to me along with a few other samples from the same brewery. I had never heard of the brewery before as they hail from Uppsala but I was more than willing to give their beers a go. Whilst researching the brewery I came across a little story that is involved in the naming of beer. The name of this stout came from when the brewers were bending over picking blueberries to put into the brew and it gave them a bad back, hence “blueberry backbone”. Out of all of the beers I tried from Brasstacks I thought this was the best by far, so I knew one day I would have to have it in a beer tasting. I finally got my chance and it proved to be quite the hit with the attendees to the June beer club meeting.

    As most stouts tend to be, it was very black with no way to see through it. The body was thick, coating and glazing the inside of the glass nicely. There was a slightly purple hint to the coffee coloured head. The body was very thick as it poured into the glass. The large, thick head that formed held very well.  Chocolate tones were evident on the nose along with a roasted creaminess. I expected the blueberry to come through in the smell a bit stronger but wasn’t as forthcoming as I would have hoped for. The berries came through in a much bolder fashion though in the first taste of the beer. Creamy coffee and blueberries melded together on the palate extremely nicely.  There was a fresh fruitiness, combined with hits of porridge and milk chocolate. The mouthfeel was full, thick and coated the mouth fully. It was surprisingly fizzy for an imperial stout, to the point at which is got a bit too much. The blueberry continued through into the aftertaste. It was rather sweet, but not to the detriment to the beer.

    I thought this was a great stout. I enjoyed the nice robust body and the way the combination of blueberries worked so well with the richness of the beer. I do think it was way too effervescent though and it really should be reduced because it did pull the mind away from focusing on the beer somewhat. All in all though, a great stout and one I think I will try again given the opportunity. If any friends want to bring me more random beers though to try, you know where to find me!