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Diplomático Mantuano

Style: Dark RumDistillery: Destilerías UnidasOrigin: VenezuelaSize: 70clAlcohol: 40%Price: 299krSystembolaget: 389 The Diplomático brand was born in the 1890s within the premises of Destilerías Unidas, a distillery complex located in La… Read More »Diplomático Mantuano

Norvid Rököl

Style: Smoked beerBrewery: Wapnö GårdsbryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 5.7%Price: 37krSystembolaget: 38818 Wapnö is a farm and manor house situated in Halmstad. The barley that they use to make the… Read More »Norvid Rököl

Vinterbloss Rököl

Style: Smoked beerBrewery: StigbergetsOrigin: SwedenSize: 44clAlcohol: 5%Price: 29krSystembolaget: 11842 Based in Gothenburg, Stigbergets has become synonymous with the craft brewing scene in Sweden and known… Read More »Vinterbloss Rököl

SoS Polka

Style: AlcopopProducer: Spirit of SwedenOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 4.5%Price: 18krSystembolaget: 10601 I could write a big long article about this product but honestly it was absolutely… Read More »SoS Polka