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Jämtlands 1996 Lager

Style: International style lagerBrewery: Jämtlands BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 6%Price: 26krSystembolaget: 31336 Jämtlands Bryggeri was established in 1995 but was helped greatly by the addition of a brew master… Read More »Jämtlands 1996 Lager

Prize Pils

Style: German pilsBrewery: OmnipolloOrigin: GermanySize: 50clAlcohol: 4.8%Price: 28krSystembolaget: 58333 This lager is brewed at Camba brewery, in the heart of Bavaria, and calls for an all-German ingredient list… Read More »Prize Pils

Omnipollo Pils

Style: German pilsBrewery: OmnipolloOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 4.8%Price: 21krSystembolaget: 37520 This German style Pils is part of Omnipollos lager program, with the aim to create a crisp thirst quencher… Read More »Omnipollo Pils

Budvar Dark Lager

Style: Dark lagerBrewery: Budéjovický BudvarOrigin: Czech RepublicSize: 50clAlcohol: 4.7%Price: 19krSystembolaget: 89300 Over the past year, I seem to have fallen in love with dark lagers. There’s just something… Read More »Budvar Dark Lager

Negra Modelo

Style: Dunkel lager Brewery: Modelo Origin: Mexico Size: 35.5cl Alcohol: 5.4% Price: 19kr Systembolaget: 1628 I’m so happy to have finally had this beer in… Read More »Negra Modelo

Ayinger Lager Hell

Style: Helles lagerBrewery: Privatbrauerei AyingerOrigin: GermanySize: 50clAlcohol: 4.9%Price: 29krSystembolaget: 55281 This tasting was different from all the others I’ve had over the years, as this… Read More »Ayinger Lager Hell