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2024 May (IPA, NEIPA, DIPA)

Bean Me Up NEIPA

Style: NEIPABrewery: Poppels BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 7.5%Price: 40krSystembolaget: 30706 Founded in 2012, Poppels was originally based in Mölnlycke but moved to Jonsered in 2016, the same year it… Read More »Bean Me Up NEIPA

Black Ale Chilli

Style: Black IPABrewery: BeerbliotekOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 7.6%Price: 35krSystembolaget: 32347 Originally founded by four friends, this brewery was set up in 2012 in Gothenburg. This was the first beer… Read More »Black Ale Chilli


Style: DIPABrewery: Stigbergets BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 44clAlcohol: 8.2%Price: 53krSystembolaget: 11200 Stigbergets is based in Gothenburg and started in 2013 with the aim of making mainly lager for its own… Read More »Bill DIPA


Style: Imperial Belgian IPABrewery: Vega BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 44clAlcohol: 9.2%Price: 63krSystembolaget: 39105 The brewery is located in old factory buildings in Ringön, which are part of Hisingen’s shipyard area… Read More »Lightbringer

Peachy Bulldog

Style: APABrewery: Gotlands BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 5%Price: 20krSystembolaget: 31901 Gotlands Bryggeri was founded in 1995 and is known as one of the first craft beer breweries in Sweden.… Read More »Peachy Bulldog

Gölgg IPA (2023)

Style: Glögg IPA BarleywineBrewery: Solna BryggeriOrigin: SwedenSize: 75clAlcohol: 11%Price: 147krSystembolaget: 32507 (out of stock) Solna Bryggeri was founded in 2020 by a group of 5 friends, and it… Read More »Gölgg IPA (2023)