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2024 Jan (6th anniversary – aged beers)

Vintage Ale (2022)

Style: Strong aleBrewery: FullersOrigin: EnglandSize: 50clAlcohol: 8.5%Price: 86krSystembolaget: 11136 (2023 edition) Fullers is based in Chiswick, West London and was family brewed from its founding in 1845 until… Read More »Vintage Ale (2022)

Sucaba (2019)

Style: Barley wineBrewery: Firestone WalkerOrigin: USASize: 35clAlcohol: 11.3%Price: 139krSystembolaget: – This was first created in 2008 as a component of Firestones annual blended barrel aged Anniversary Ale, and… Read More »Sucaba (2019)

Chimay Blue (2019)

Style: Dark Belgian aleBrewery: ChimayOrigin: BelgiumSize: 33clAlcohol: 9%Price: 38krSystembolaget: 1651 (2023 edition) Chimay is a brewery founded in 1862 at Scourmont Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Belgium, and… Read More »Chimay Blue (2019)

Scotch Ale (2020)

Style: Scotch aleBrewery: Nils OscarOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 7.5%Price: 36krSystembolaget: 35374 Founded in 1995, Nils Oscar is named after the founder’s grandfather and is based in central Nyköping. With… Read More »Scotch Ale (2020)

Aroma (2019)

Style: Dry ciderProducer: PomologikOrigin: SwedenSize: 75clAlcohol: 4.5%Price: 80krSystembolaget: 80332 I always love having ciders in the tastings, as it always triggers so many different viewpoints in the… Read More »Aroma (2019)