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2018 October (Halloween)

Rumpkin (2016)

Brewery: Avery Brewing Country: USA Size: 33cl ABV: 17.5% Price: 125kr Systembolaget: – A year ago I walked into my local Systembolaget and saw this sitting on the shelf. I… Read More »Rumpkin (2016)


Brewery: Tempel Brygghus Country: Sweden Size: 33cl ABV: 5.2% Price: 31kr Systembolaget: 33142 This is the second beer we have tried in the beer club that comes from Tempel Brygghus. The… Read More »Gehenna

Dead Guy ale

Brewery: Rogue Ales Country: USA Size: 33cl ABV: 6.5% Price: 30kr Systembolaget: 88217 When I first starting researching beers for the Halloween tasting, this was the first beer that came up… Read More »Dead Guy ale

Green Goblin

Brewery: Thatchers Country: England Size: 50cl ABV: 5% Price: 43kr Systembolaget: 89833 Cider is seen as almost a rite of passage in England. Many people being their drinking experience with cider… Read More »Green Goblin